How to Create Great Blog Entries

 I constantly preach: Everyone can become a blogger! Because that really corresponds to the facts. Of course, there are a few important points on some corners that everyone should consider when creating a well-visited blog. I will pass this on to you bit by bit, so have fun!

There is a word on every corner that has meaning in so many aspects of the web. Added value. But what is it and is it about SEO? Also. Why? Because Google loves it when visitors stay on your website for a long time. Longer than a few seconds when the algorithm would assume that you are not providing visitors with what they need to solve their problem. Or to answer the question of why they ended up on your blog.

How to pick a blog niche or industry

Now of course it is always important to find out which ankara escort bayan industry is involved. If you deliver book reviews, stories from everyday life, film reviews or the like, you serve a certain niche that often finds enthusiastic readers. Hardly any other website that does a little SEO fails with these topics. It becomes more difficult, for example, for fashion or food blogs. Who is creative enough, who keeps readers on the ball and offers exciting and revolutionized content? It is not always a matter of delivering pages of text.

The best example is the fashion scene. These are the modern new releases of catalogs, in which visitors get inspiration for their own wardrobe. While blogs from that category may still be saved in large numbers in the bookmarks, recipe blogs often have a much harder time. Because you don't cook four different dishes a day. Some are specifically looking for vegan recipes. Others want freaky dishes, the next one hopes for very simple explanatory steps. This is the principle of everything blog; DIY, animal blogs, product tests and and and.

So first write down the industry from your blog on a piece of paper, right in the middle. Now comes a little brainstorming that you do with yourself. With this and the points explained below, you are now creating your very own blog concept. 

What is the added value?

Something that your blog visitors only get from you. Food Blogs have special recipes or tips. Sometimes both. Beauty blogs score with the simplest possible instructions that have never been seen before. DIY blogs are characterized by great ideas and associated instructions. This goes on all the time - you will already be able to explain it yourself. If you write kızılay escort about exactly what can be found in multiples on numerous other pages, your visitors have no reason to stop by. Of course, if that applies to a blog post, it is by no means tragic. But that certain something should be there.

What does added value look like in blogs?

For many bloggers and entrepreneurs, the added value is every effort that is not necessarily related to the main topic.

For blogs, it may look like something like this:

  • DIY Blog: Offer Freebies; Print instructions, the instructions can also be downloaded as a PDF file and write info lists where the individual components would have to be bought (can also be combined super with affiliate links). For example, offer difficulty levels at which you can show interested parties from the start how tricky something would be to tinker with.
  • Fashion blog: Buy-in lists also go down well here. Just as tips for fashion "beginners", how you could combine some pieces. Runway looks, outfit pieces, on-trend accessories and fashion.
  • Animal blog: Important tips on education & Co. are often in demand here, as are test reports on food and accessories.
  • School or student blog: Hands-on activities, lists of school competitions, honest test reports.
  • Information blog: Here it is a little more difficult because these blogs all follow a certain pattern through the reviews. But no matter whether film or book; offers information. Actors who are involved here, page numbers, ISBN, purchase links, etc. Make it as easy as possible for your readers to receive as much further information directly from you if the review piqued their curiosity. Without having to use another website, such as Wikipedia or the like.
  • Photography blog: Clearly here in the first place- tips to all photographers. From photography itself to image editing. Maybe with several levels of difficulty so that everyone can quickly find what they need.

Of course, these are all just incentives. If you got any ideas during these lines or if you would like to include some of these points in your concept, write them all down on your note.

Basically, you can do the following to find other tips like this: You keep your industry in mind from the start. You now put yourself in your visitor. You found it on the blog because you are interested in the topic. What do you expect from a site on this topic? Are there questions in your head that you would like to have answered? Added value always has to do with clearing open questions and problems at the same time.

Where to Create Your Blog?

If you have not created a blog yet and are thinking about creating your very first blog, I would suggest you use a website builder. They are completely easy to use, fast to build, and simple to manage. Such a recommendation is hPage free website builder where you can easily build a website in minutes. With their site-building blocks, you can get your blog established in no time!

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